NE Kentucky’s Workforce Can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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A company’s employees are often their greatest competitive advantage, but skilled employees are hard to come by, especially in today’s thriving economy. With unemployment rates low, many employers find it challenging to recruit employees who are already trained, possess the skills necessary to get the job done right, or who have a willingness to work hard and do what it takes to succeed. This is not the case in NE Kentucky. Here, businesses find that the are able to hire workers with the skills they need and that those workers are becoming their greatest asset. As the Chris Tomlinson, the CEO of Silverliner said, “A company is only as good as its’ people and their passion. Our people have passion and are proud of what they can do and produce. We will have 100 percent accuracy because our people will make it perfect. That’s what it’s all about - the people behind the product.”

NE Kentucky’s workforce is highly skilled.

NEKY has thousands of highly skilled workers ready to work. There are thousands of workers in the region who have welding, engineering, and technical skills – all skills that aerospace companies look for.

Companies who are accustomed to spending significant resources on workforce recruitment will find NE Kentucky to be a breath of fresh air. It is not uncommon for companies to post job openings and to receive thousands of qualified applicants, without needing to advertise. For example, when Braidy Industries posted job openings, they received 7,000 job applications from qualified workers.

From a skills standpoint –

  • Kentucky boasts of thousands of workers who are trained engineers, welders, technicians, and mechanics – all willing to work in NE Kentucky.

  • Workers coming out of the coal industry have an average of fifteen years’ experience, so their skills have been honed over time.

  • NE Kentucky workers are excellent problem solvers.

As an additional benefit, the state has programs in place to help companies train their workforce to operate specific equipment, gain a particular skill, etc. These programs make it affordable to provide employees with new skills, even after they are hired. In fact, companies like Braidy Industries are using the state’s community college system to deliver degree programs, specific to company needs and requirements.

Our region has an unmatched work ethic.

NE Kentucky is famous for its’ work ethic. Raised on the farm, our workforce gets in early and stays late, knowing what it takes to get things done. This work ethic can produce incredible results for companies who are looking to increase productivity, take a product to market, meet firm deadlines or to compete in the global economy. When the rubber meets the road, NE Kentucky workers get things done.

Our workforce is ready

Our workforce knows how to put in a hard days’ work and is not intimidated by the rigorous physical requirements of working in the aerospace industry. Strong, capable and ready to work – the NEKY workforce is the best you can hire.

Learn more

We invite you to discover the many advantages of hiring NE Kentucky workers. For more information, contact Sam Howard from NEKYD at

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