About Northeast Kentucky Development

Northeast Kentucky Development (NEKYD) is the regional expert when it comes to Opportunity Zone legislation and Opportunity Zone projects. As a consultant, local guide and development company, NEKYD is working with industry leaders, state and local governments, economic development organizations and businesses to bridge the gap between Opportunity Zone investors and on-the-ground development opportunities. 

NEKYD Offers Information, Resources and Connections

Anyone interested in Kentucky’s Opportunity Zones and local development opportunities can contact the NEKYD team for information, resources and connections to local and state economic development agencies and governments. 

Some of this information is only available after registering. You can do so by clicking here. 

Why Northeastern Kentucky is the Land of Opportunity 

The Northeastern Kentucky region is incredibly diverse, both from a geographic perspective and in the amenities that each county offers. This makes it possible for businesses to select a location that is best suited for their individual needs. And, with commercial properties available in Opportunity Zones, there are tax advantages to invest, build and locate in our region. 

Businesses benefit from the thousands of available skilled workers in our region – more than anywhere else in the United States! The workforce in Northeastern Kentucky has an unparalleled work ethic. Raised on the farm, they understand what it means to put in a hard day’s work, waking up before dawn and working well into the evening. They apply this same level of dedication and persistence to any job. In the process, businesses locating here, can increase their productivity and success.

We are here to spread the word that Northeast Kentucky is open for business, our workforce is the best in the country, and there is room for growth. Explore our website and contact us to discover how your business can thrive in Northeastern Kentucky. Or, if you are an investor, register here to learn more about Kentucky’s Opportunity Zones.

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