Exclusive: Apple makes 'Made in America' push, puts millions toward Kentucky manufacturer

Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Article orginially appeared on Foxbusiness.com by , Blair Shiff


Apple is shelling out $250 million for further development of glass technology at Corning's factory in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, according to Brett Larson's exclusive Fox interview with Apple COO Jeff Williams.

Though he won't directly say exactly what they plan on developing, he said the money will go towards research and development, new technologies, new innovations as well as retrofitting some advanced glass production in Corning.

"Last week, we had a big announcement and we announced two new phones, and they, of course, feature Corning glass and are the toughest glass in any smartphone, and it's developed right here in Kentucky," Williams said. "It's amazing, in the middle of horse country, you have ... a range of people from skilled trades to scientists, right in the middle of this small town, making the best glass in the world. And we know that because we test it all."


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