NE Kentucky Creates Degree Program for Braidy Industries

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Ashland Community & Technical College has begun providing instruction to students enrolled in the new Braidy AIT Program, a two-year degree program designed for Braidy Industries. The first group of students to go through the program began in Fall 2018 and will graduate shortly after Braidy’s NE Kentucky aluminum rolling mill is fully operational. Students will graduate with the technical skills necessary to operate this state-of-the-art facility, creating an in-built talent pipeline for Braidy and other companies located in NE Kentucky.

Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouchard worked directly with the President of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Dr. Jay Box, to create a program where students could receive the necessary technical training, while also learning about American history, civics, and business ethics. The program was evaluated and certified by the state board of regents and there are currently 140 seats available per session.

Students will also have the opportunity to intern with Braidy Industries while completing their course work. Enrolled students may participate in three internships with the company, so long as they maintain a B-average and remain drug-free throughout their program. For Braidy Industries, these internships create an opportunity to identify and develop top talent who can immediately step into their positions upon graduation. With a starting salary of $65,000, these high-demand jobs are set to be filled by the region’s top talent, some of which will come out of this program.

Craig Bouchard stated, “Our mill will have roughly 600 employees when we open. These will be highly skilled advanced manufacturing jobs. A study done by the Ashland Alliance showed that there were eight times more metal workers here than in any other area in the United States. We needed this type of labor force. I didn’t want to have to steal them away from other areas. In NE Kentucky, they are here, ready and willing to work. This has been proved out because we have 7,000 job applicants for 600 jobs. With the addition of the Braidy AIT Program, we are ensuring that we will continue to have a strong talent pipeline to pull from.”

For information on the opportunities available in NE Kentucky, visit booth #3826 during the NBAA Conference or email 

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