Bath County

Beauty is everywhere you turn, in the people, the farms, hills, cliffs, lake, trails and sightseeing is evident.  Bath County has much to offer in outdoor recreation and businesses with the Daniel Boone National Forest and the 8,270 acre Cave Run Lake Recreation Areas. Cave Run Lake was built in the early 1970's and extends into Bath County.  This man made lake is 8,720 acres abundant of Muskie and is one of the most beautiful and serene lakes solely because it's natural. Located along Interstate 64 in Cave Run Lake country, Owingsville sits as the gateway to Kentucky's idyllic bluegrass region. The Bath County Memorial Library on Main Street is viewed as the area’s cultural heart and is a popular destination for events and tourists. Learn more about Bath County here....Learn More »

Boyd County

Boyd County, home to Ashland, is a thriving community in Northeastern Kentucky and the site of major industry expansion projects. Companies like Braidy Industry have chosen to locate in Ashland and that project alone is bringing over $1.7 billion in capital investment to the region. Ashland Community & Technical College, and Morehead State University are both located in Ashland, making it an attractive community for businesses looking to use the use Kentucky’s community & technical college system to offer workforce training, along with those looking to recruit directly from a university. Boyd County is also certified as an AeroReady Community for its infrastructure, airport with room to build, aviation-support services, the local talent and more. Ashland and Boyd County’s location is also attractive to businesses. Located on the banks of the Ohio River where Kentucky meets neighboring Ohio and West Virginia (known as the Tri-State Area), businesses locating here can recruit...Learn More »

Bracken County

Bracken County is located in northern Kentucky, along the Ohio River. It is bordered by Mason, Pendleton, Robertson and Harrison counties, and occupies 206 sq. miles in area. Historically, Bracken County’s economy was mostly agricultural with tobacco and corn the most prolific crops. The County is best known as the birthplace of the White Burley strain of tobacco, and is still known today as the center of the “burley belt.” The county achieved great notoriety as one of the nation’s leaders in wine production, making over 30,000 gallons of wine annually from locally grown grapes. Agriculture continues to be a driving source for the county’s economy with cattle, feed corn, tobacco and hay being the principle farming products. Learn more about Bracken County here....Learn More »

Carter County

Carter County is part of the Huntington-Ashland MSA with easy access to the Ashland Regional Airport. Its’ capital city,Grayson, is located in the northeastern part of the state on Interstate 64 about 25 miles south and west of the Ohio and West Virginia borders. 5 major highways converge at Grayson, including I-64, US 60 and the John Y Brown, Jr "AA" Hwy connecting Grayson to Cincinnati, giving it transportation access that benefits both commerce and tourism. There are many historical sites in Carter County that attract tourists from throughout the region and country. Additionally, Grayson attracts tourists visiting state parks and has been dubbed “The Heart of the Parks” by being located near four of them. Learn more about Carter County by clicking here and here....Learn More »

Fleming County

Nestled in the hills of North East Kentucky, Fleming County has been designated the Covered Bridge Capital of Kentucky and is known for its lush, beautiful landscapes, rich farmland and the charming historic town of Flemingsburg. The city has been lovingly preserved and is truly postcard-worthy with its’ brick paved sidewalks, acorn shaped lamps, and historic buildings. You can learn more about Fleming County here and here....Learn More »

Greenup County

Greenup County is a county located along the Ohio River in North East Kentucky. Greenup County is part of the Huntington-Ashland MSA, providing businesses with many strategic advantages, including access to the Wurtland Riverport and Ashland Regional Airport. Amenities such as available land and a highly skilled workforce have made Greenup County an attractive destination for companies like Braidy Industries; who is currently building a state-of-the-art aluminum rolling mill and investing $1.3 billion in the region. You can learn more about Greenup County by clicking here. ...Learn More »

Harrison County

The City of Cynthiana is located along the banks of the South Fork of the Licking River:  28 miles Northeast of Lexington, 90 miles from Louisville, and 60 miles South of Cincinnati. The fertile soil and climate of the region are ideally suited to the cultivation of burley tobacco which has had a major economic, social and cultural influence on Harrison County since the early 19th century. Burley tobacco is still produced here on a smaller scale along with hay, corn, and beef cattle. Cynthiana also boasts several manufacturing companies such as 3M, which produces the famous “Post It Notepads”, and E.D. Bullard Co., which manufactures a wide range of safety equipment. Learn more about Harrison County and Cynthiana by clicking here. ...Learn More »

Lewis County

Lewis County is situated in the northeast corner of the state in the Northern Kentucky River Region. It has the longest boundary with the Ohio River of all the counties bordering it. Its 484 square miles make it the thirteenth largest of the 120 counties in the state. The county seat is Vanceburg. Forestry is central to the economy, making this an excellent destination for any business manufacturing wood products. There are two industrial parks where businesses can easily locate - the Lewis County Industrial Park, near the Ohio River east of Vanceburg, has 118 acres, and is 30 minutes from I-64. The Tollesboro Industrial Park has 57 acres and sits on the AA Highway just west of KY 57. Learn more about Lewis County by clicking here....Learn More »

Mason County

Mason County is in beautiful North East Kentucky. Maysville is the largest city in the county and known as being a popular tourist destination, as they hold numerous events in their picturesque downtown, which is set on the banks of the Ohio River. They also have a strong retail corridor.  Learn more about Mason County by clicking here or here....Learn More »

Nicholas County

Nicholas County is located on the northeastern edge of the Inner Bluegrass region of Kentucky and is an easy two-hour drive from Louisville or Cincinnati. Additionally, Carlisle, the county seat of Nicholas County, is just 35 miles northeast of Lexington, making it an ideal location for businesses seeking to lower their cost and attract workers, while being close to a major city. The general region is noted for its scenic beauty, history, horse farms and hospitality. Carlisle's picturesque rural character and rolling countryside are typical of the Bluegrass belt where winding roads lead past manicured farms, through wooded glades and small villages. Learn more about Nicholas County by clicking here, Learn more about Nicholas County by clicking here....Learn More »

Pendleton County

Pendleton County is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern Kentucky about halfway between Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington. It is spread over 280 square miles and has an abundance of hunting, fishing and boating opportunities. It is also home to Kincaid Lake State Park. Kincaid has 850 acres to explore and offers camping, golfing, swimming and fishing with more pounds of largemouth bass per acre than any other lake in the state. Falmouth, our county seat, is located where the Main and South Licking Rivers come together. The City of Butler also lies on the Licking River, 10 miles north of Falmouth. Click here to explore Pendleton County....Learn More »

Robertson County

Robertson County is located in North East Kentucky in the middle of the Licking River and Bluegrass regions of the state.  It is a beautiful countryside of rolling hills and scenic views. Locals are known for being extremely friendly and welcoming of tourists, something they see a lot of with the Blue Licks Battlefield being in the area, along with numerous historic sites. The county is also known for agricultural production with the primary exports being tobacco, corn, oats, wheat, rye, and livestock. Learn more about Robertson County by clicking here....Learn More »

Rowan County

Rowan County features a full spectrum of businesses ranging from automotive supplies, retail distribution and logistics to custom manufacturing. They have an educated workforce, premium infrastructure, and rural atmosphere close to modern conveniences. Rowan County is home to Morehead State University, Rowan Campus of the Maysville Community & Technical College, and one of the nation’s best public school districts, as well as St. Claire Regional Medical Center. Their recreational areas include Cave Run Lake and The Daniel Boone National Forest. Click here to learn more about Rowan County....Learn More »
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