Location Advantages

Northeast Kentucky is centrally located and within a day’s drive of 65% of the nation’s population and businesses. We are also within a day’s drive of the majority of Canada’s population. This makes Northeast Kentucky an ideal base for manufacturing and logistics companies.

Automotive companies, and those serving them, benefit from being within 200 miles of 430 automotive supply companies and 7 Automotive OEMs. Northeast Kentucky is the place to be for companies within the automotive sector, due to our convenient location and our available skilled workforce.

The aerospace industry is also growing in Northeast Kentucky and our location is one of the reasons. In Kentucky, there has been a 183% increase in aerospace products and parts manufacturing industry exports since 2012. With a central location and available workforce, aerospace companies are thriving here.

Major trucking roots are easily accessible from Northeast Kentucky, including:

  • Route 9 from I-275 at Northern Ky to Grayson Ky in Carter County
  • Route 10 from the intersection of route 9 east of Vanceburg to the intersection of Route 23 at Greenup county and the bridge over the Ohio River.
  • Route 68 from Maysville to Lexington
  • Route 23 from the Ohio river at Greenup county to Columbus, Oh.


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