The workforce in North East Kentucky is second-to-none, known for having a hard work ethic, being loyal and getting the job done. Simultaneously, Kentucky workers are paid an average of 16% less than workers nationwide. This means that relocating businesses can hire hard-working people and increase productivity, while simultaneously reducing their overhead.

With access to a highly ranked university system, our workers also have the ability to expand on their existing skill set. Moorhead State University is located in North East Kentucky and is known nationwide for their work with NASA. Additionally, the University of Kentucky has several extension campuses located throughout the region.

North East Kentucky has an abundance of highly skilled workers that are seeking employment and ready to get to work. Our workforce is trained, loyal, and affordable.

Businesses Save Money by Hiring Kentucky Workers

Imagine being able to increase profits while maintaining or increasing productivity. That is possible when hiring workers in North East Kentucky. Though highly skilled, Kentucky workers make an average of 20% less than workers in the rest of the country. Still, 80% say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their employment. This is because they enjoy living here and since our cost of living is low, they have a high quality of life. The net result is increased business profits and a loyal workforce.

We are a Right to Work State

We are a Right to Work state, with 95% of our workforce being non-union. This makes it easier and more affordable for businesses to enter our state and hire workers without delays.

Thousands of Workers are Available

One of the greatest advantages our region has is our available workforce. Businesses located in North East Kentucky, can pull from 12,000 skilled workers living in, or just outside, the area. Some of these workers already have jobs but have to commute long distances to maintain their employment. Many would jump at the opportunity to work close to home.



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